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Complaints Procedure.

West Norfolk Befriending provides a high standard of service in all aspects of its work. If you believe we have not met this standard you may speak or write to any member of the West Norfolk Befriending staff team. We will listen to your complaint or comment and answer any questions.

We hope at this stage your concern will have been dealt with to your satisfaction

If you believe your concern has not been dealt with, or you wish to make a formal complaint you may personally contact or write to the Befriending Manager, Pippa May, who will address your concern using the three stage complaints procedure (details below).

Please Note

We hold a zero tolerance approach to verbal abuse, harassment and intimidation. Behaviour of this nature will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

All complaints against the West Norfolk Befriending Service will need to be lodged within one month of the occurrence in order to be considered.

Three Stage Complaints Procedure

Stage One – Contact West Norfolk Befriending

  • Your call/letter will be acknowledged within five working days of receipt. A member of the West Norfolk Befriending staff or their delegate will investigate your complaint and a written response will be sent to you within ten working days. The Befriending Manager will be informed of your complaint.

Stage Two – Contact the Befriending Manager

  • If you remain dissatisfied with the response you may write to the Befriending Manager who will respond in writing within 14 days of receipt of your letter.

Stage Three – Discussion with Trustees

  • If you are still dissatisfied you may request a meeting with the Board of Trustees. A panel of three members of the Board will be selected within fourteen days of your request. They will consider your complaint and make recommendations within five days of the meeting. You will be informed in writing of the outcome within a further five working days. That decision will be final. A copy of the recommendations of the Board of Trustee will be sent to the Befriending Manager.

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