Charity Number 1111735 - Patron: The RightReverend The Bishop Of Lynn

How to Access the Service


If you would like to be considered for our service, or know someone who would benefit from it please download either of the referral forms from the links below, complete and then email or post to us, or altenatively contact the office.

Client Referral Form as pdf

Client Referral Form as Word document

Befriending's email address

Potential clients need to have been informed of and have agreed to the referral being made.

Assessment Process

A letter is sent to the potential client indicating when they can expect to receive an assessment visit and giving information about the service.

Once an assessment appointment has become available contact is made with the client by telephone to make a mutually convenient appointment. This is confirmed in writing. The assessment includes identifying any potential health and safety issues.

If a second appointment is necessary this will be made within a two week timeframe.

Once the assessment is complete the client is given an indication of when a volunteer befriender is likely to be available. Contact is maintained.

If a client is particularly isolated they will receive visits from a liaison volunteer on a monthly basis until such time as a befriender is found.

All matches are reviewed after three months, to ensure that the service is still meeting the Client’s needs.

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