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Befrienders Stories.

This page shows the experiences of some of ourBefrienders

Joyce's Experience

We have a client who is well over 100, and who was a self referral,butwas supported by carers to remain in her own home.

She had not left herhome except in an ambulance for over two years.

The original outcome was to engage her in conversation to reduce thesocial isolation.

Mrs AS was invited to our event with the Befriendersand Clients.

With our support we were able to get her in a taxi whichtook a wheelchair.

Mrs AS is articulate and able to arrange most thingsin her life.

As a result of her attending our meeting she has realised that thereisno reason for her not to go out.

She has now got phone numbers forTaxi’s that can take wheelchairs, and our outcome will be to get her togo to Age Concern Pop-In for lunch.

This will be supported by ourbefriender who will meet her there, and Mrs AS making all arrangementsherself.

We are there to enable not to do everything for the client.

John's Experience

“When I first met P and H four years ago, it was to be theBefriendersitting with H while P went out for a few hours.

It quickly becameclear that it was P who needed our support more than her husband.

Shelooks after her husband with the minimum of help 24/7, week in and weekout without a word of complaint.

From being a very confident lady who would go anywhere, do anythingandhelp others whenever needed, P had lost the confidence to go outsidethe home without support.

With another organization going in to supportH, P and I started to go out when she was able to.

After aconsiderable time it was decided that P would no longer be one of ourclients due to a change in circumstances, and Befriending being timelimited.

But, having been involved with her for so many years there wasno way that I could cease giving her my support and help.

Goinginto town and just wandering around not only gives her an outing awayfrom her house, and is also enjoyable for me.

If there is a big plus for our Befriending service it is seeing alovely lady getting her confidence back.

Able to go out to appointmentsherself, be it the dentist, optician or hospital which in the past shewas not able to do.”

Elizabeth's Experience

Mrs R was referred to us by Social Services, she is 96, and issupported in her home by carers set up by Social Services.

Her onlyrelative is a nephew who lives in London, and visits occasionally.

Afriend supports her with financial papers etc.

When I visited for the assessment, that took several visits, it was clear that she hadlost the art of conversation.

The carers supported her well butwere there to dress her and get her meals not to engage inconversation.

A note in the carer’s handbook indicated not to ask herwhat she would like to eat as she never responded.

Our aim was to engage in conversation and to get her to walk out tohergarden.

She was very alert and intelligent, and content.

The other aimfor the befriender was to visit in the morning and to get Mrs R tothink about what she might like to eat.

When I did the three months review herconversation skills had greatly improved, and was able to recall visits from her befriender.

She indicated that the visits had given her something to talk about,and that she felt part of the world outside.

As Mrs R had a dailypaper, which was often unread the befriender would sometimes sharearticles with her.

Her friend spoke of Befriending as meaning that shewas called on less.

We have started to achieve our outcomes, and will continue andreviewagain in three months.

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