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Client Stories.

This page shows the experiences of some of our Clients

Betty's experience

“Before West Norfolk Befriending started visiting Iwas virtually housebound, this was due to the onsetof agoraphobia.

I had to depend on neighbours to do anything thatneeded doing outside the home.

At first I did not go outwhen the Befriender came to visit, we just talked over a cup of tea.

Itwas then decided that the visits would be on an afternoon when someonecould sit with my husband thus enabling me to go out.

At first itwas a bit difficult going out but, with the support given, it becameeasier and easier, and more and more enjoyable.

Being able to go out without any pressure other than to relax and enjoy the outing hasgiven me back my confidence.

Just being able to wanderround the shops, sitting having a coffee and chatting is so enjoyable.

Due to the support I have been given I now have enoughconfidence to enable me to go out on my own, something that I wasunable to even contemplate previously.

Without my Befrienderbeing there for me I do not know how I would be today.

From beingtoo anxious and sometimes frightened at the thought of going out, I cannow happily make appointments knowing that I will be able to keep them,even if I do not have someone with me.”

Mavis's experience

“I am very grateful for my befriender’svisits and always look forward to our conversations.

It is veryimportant for people who are alone and feel isolated to have visitsfrom a Befriender.

It is also good that you help carers and understandthat they too need help and support.

Hearing bad diagnosis from thedoctors or hospital is a shock, not only to the patients but the carertoo, who will have to cope, possibly for years.

I have felt depressedat times, but found that talking to a befriender about lots ofsubjects, families, gardens, and churches etc, helped so much.

West Norfolk Befriending is a fantastic organisation.

I hope itcontinues to grow and be able to help even more people in the future.”

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